Bena Vida Maines was wonderful, professional and trustworthy. I am a Certified Feline Behaviorist and I was looking for a kitten to add to my family and to use in my business. I picked a Maine Coon because of their amazing personalities and the ability to learn. I also needed one for my son who needed a therapy cat. I searched for over a year and spoke to many breeders. Bena Vida Maines was the one breeder that I felt that I could trust the best. She also answered all my questions and never pushed me to purchase any of her kittens. She does all the heath checks that a breeder should do and I was totally comfortable choosing her. I was looking for a male and when one came available I was so excited. I flew across the country from New Jersey to California to pick up our new kitten. Her hospitality was wonderful and I was able to visit her home and meet all the kittens and other family members. I now have our kitten and he is everything we wanted and more. His personality is amazing. He is not shy, he is a happy kitten and loves our other cats in the house. He brings us joy and laughter and we look forward to training him for a therapy and service cat along with being a mascot for my business. He goes everywhere with us and is the most confident kitten we have ever had. I am so happy with our decision to purchase this beautiful baby from Bena Vida Maines. I highly recommend them if you are in search for a new kitten Maine Coon. They are also always there for you in the future if you have any questions about the breed. She is a hands on Breeder! Thank you again for our amazing kitten , Mutzzie! My son is in heaven and has a new best friend. thank you again!